Thursday, April 3, 2014

How I Found My Tribe

Tribe: people gathered together with a shared common interest

Why do you need a Tribe? 
Because we all need kindred spirits, someone to be your champion, supporter, or shoulder to cry on.

If you are lucky, you might already have a few tribe members; but if you are just starting out in a hobby, just moved to a new city, etc. The thought of finding others with a common interest can be intimidating if you are not an Extrovert.

How I "found" my Tribe?
When I started to get back into quilting, I remember making my 2010 New Year's Resolution to find a group of people that I could connect with. I sought out some groups locally; but most times chickened-out in the parking lot [seriously], or if I made it inside, I would sit cautiously in the back of the room.

Fast forward several months, while I didn't wake up on that July morning thinking "Hey, I'm going to start a Quilt Guild today"; that is in fact how the day ended. Instead of seeking a tribe, I ended up creating one.  It turns out that spontaneity was the only way that this Introvert would find her people.

All Saints Window Display - Boston  (photographed March '11)

Nearly four years later, my tribe has expanded to include lots of fantastic people not only in my guild; but those that I have met online thanks to Blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To some, it might sound weird to say that you have friends you've never actually met; but it happens...especially when the community you belong to is extremely welcoming.

So do you have a Tribe?

-- Kristy


  1. I love my tribe!! And, like yours, it's a combination of 'real-life' get-together-to-stitch types as well as some wonderful friends that I have only ever 'met' online!! I do love it when I occasionally get to meet up with an online friend IRL!!

  2. I found my tribe through the London MQG. You're right - it is so important!

  3. I love it! I'm so glad I found the MQG - that's my tribe, for sure!!


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