Thursday, March 13, 2014

Do I Need a Master Plan?

I've had quite a few people mention how they've noticed that I've been blogging more, and some have asked if it is intentional and part of a master plan.  It is nice to see people take notice, so for those of you who have been stopping by, new follower or frequent visitor...Thanks!  It is greatly appreciated.

Is my blogging intentional?    Yes.  

Do I have a master plan?  Not as of yet; but do I need one?

Obviously, if I were applying for a business loan, etc...a plan would be at the top of my list.  Yet, since I am doing all of this out of a love for the craft and a need to create, I don't feel like a plan is something I need right at the moment.

I was reading a post by one of my favorite Bloggers, Susannah Conway, the other day and she said something that hit home:

While I haven't yet sorted out who I want to be in this seemingly big; but actually quite small world in which I play, I'm taking stock of what it is that I want to do and planting small seeds to see what blossoms.

My Seeds:
  • Continue to blog and make it meaningful.  While I will always participate in the random things like WIP Wednesday, for example.  It is my intention to expand what I write about, and to share more process-oriented posts, tutorials and the like.  Have suggestions, let me hear them?  
  • Design and write quilt patterns that I am excited about sharing...and continue to expand my customer base as I don't spend nearly enough time on marketing. 
  • Attend Quilt Market (Houston?).  I went a few years back when it was in Kansas City and had a blast.  I met a lot of wonderful people in the industry and really enjoyed my time there.
  • Be a perpetual QuiltCon attendee...this is just too much fun to miss out on.  Between the lectures, classes, people, and inspiration.
  • Contribute more to The MQG in whatever way/shape/form I can.  Obviously, I will continue to give my all to the St. Louis MQG, as there is so much that I want our guild to achieve and our members to participate in.  Yet, I believe in the mission of The MQG as a whole and hope that I can continue to be a part of it's future as well.

I'm venting all of this publicly because there is no better way to give my dreams "space to breathe" then to let them out into the open.  

So, do you have any plans...grand plans, little plans?  Have you been planting any seeds?


  1. My immediate plan is to find the top of my sewing table.
    After that, sky's the limit! :) :) :)
    (Does living vicariously through you count?)
    Love it when friends blog more... Hope your seeds sprout in every direction you choose. :)

  2. Great post! And ditto to Lynne's comment about your seeds sprouting!

  3. I think it's great you are blogging more Kristy! I really enjoy your blog! I made my foray into the blogging world recently by starting a QOV block drive, and I am so pleased with the support, encouragement, and enthusiasm I have received from it!

  4. Great that you're blogging more! I love the concept of planting seeds - you never know what will sprout and blossom into an opportunity!


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