Monday, March 31, 2014

Charitable Quilting - do.Good.Stitches

Are you familiar with do.Good.Stitches?

It is a Flickr group started by Rachel of Stitched in Color, who put it best by saying:

"Together we can make something beautiful and practical for people in need." 

Within do.Good.Stitches are several groups of quilters, who collaborate with one another each month to make a quilt; which is then donated to charity. I am a part of the Trust Circle and this month it was my turn to make the quilt; which as we all know begins by choosing a block.  

I made the quilt below for my Nephew last year and really wanted to use the pattern again, so I asked my fellow bee members to help me by making 2 blocks each using the Not Quite Centered Block Tutorial that I wrote last January. 

I selected a color palette, made my blocks to kick things off and have been excited to see blocks start to appear in my mailbox.

Since the block is relatively easy to put together, a fair amount of them have already been received. I have to admit that with each new arrival, I pull all of them out and start playing with possible layouts.

In a few weeks, I can make some decisions about how many more blocks I need to make, then the fun of piecing them all together can begin. 

So, have you done any charitable quilting?


  1. I really love this quilt. It inspired me to make one a while back using fussy cut animal centers. Your new color palette is gorgeous. :)

  2. What a totally sweet quilt!


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