Thursday, October 17, 2013

Confession : I'm a Word Collector

I know terrible isn’t it? 
I’m just kidding of course…about the terrible part, that is.
{Que the flashback}
9th Grade English, the year that I fell in love with literature.  My Teacher wrote a quote up on the chalkboard at the start of every class.  She never commented on them, asked our opinions or even acknowledged their existence.  At first, I didn’t pay much attention; but then I started writing them down in my notebook… know, just in case it was part of a pop quiz or something. 
Before too long mixed in with my notes about Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, and Mark Twain were random quotes from other literary masters.
{College addiction}
When I wasn't in class, you would find me in one of the many libraries on campus.  I particularly loved the main library and especially the upper floors which were filled with lots of old books and void of most people. 
While being an English Lit minor, I did have a real reason to be in the library; most times I was there just for the fun of it.  I would stroll the aisles until I found a book that caught my eye and then would camp out on one of the many couches, lost in whatever book I had chosen.  I rarely checked any of them out, because it was almost guaranteed that the book I was reading on Tuesday would be exactly where I left it, when I returned on Thursday.
Sometimes I would find myself in the Poetry section, and would break out my notebook, hand-writing poems, versus or random quotes that spoke to me.  After dealing with one too many hand-cramps, I opted to use the photocopier instead…10 cents a page; but worth every penny.  I don’t know how much $$ the library made off of me; but I had an expandable folder that held the makings of a small forest.
Photo by Kristy Daum
{Fast forward to present day}
While the expandable folder is long gone, recycled in one of my minimalistic-I don’t need this stages; I did keep some of the contents and eventually upgraded to a proper notebook. 
Photo by Kristy Daum
There were years (most of my late 20s) that I never opened the notebook.  Yet, I can also remember times, even quite recently, when I sought out this book looking for something in particular.  I add to it now and again; but more often than not, just knowing that I have this little collection of words is enough. 
Photo by Kristy Daum
While others may write in journals, I can look back at these poems or quotes and recall particular times in my life. 
So, are you a word collector too?
Happy Thursday !!


  1. I am a word collector too! I have a reading journal where I keep a record of all the books I've read, although sadly I've not read nearly enough this year as sewing has taken over. h I also write down any quotes or extracts that I really like from books, so that I will always have them. I have a poetry book by my bed and sometimes it's just nice to flick through it and read and sometimes be inspired. I've written lots of poems too and I keep them in a journal. It's such a personal thing isn't it, but I wouldn't be without my love of the written word. Thank you for sharing your reading journey :-)

  2. I am a word collector..........I didn't that is what I am until I read this blog. Or maybe I am a scenario collector. I keep quotes, snippets, poems, bits that evoke scenes to which I feel a connection in small books by my bed and scattered around my rooms until they find their way to the books. I'm sort of organized but not really and it is like meeting an old friend when I come across something I saved long ago stuck in among my quilt patterns. I loved your description of finding books in the library................I found a library like that when I was young. Libraries are still favorite places to browse for hidden gems to take me away for awhile...........thanks for writing this piece............Nancy

  3. Yep. I write bits, journal, sketch and copy quotes. I used to read dictionaries for fun. Now I get incredibly excited when I find words in books that I don't know. It's like a present inside a present. When I read, I read a lot. I check out between 15-30 books and finish them pretty quickly. Then I'm back for more :) I do find that I read a bit slower on devices like a kindle and I'm still figuring out why.


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