Sunday, June 23, 2013

do.Good.Stitches Finished Quilt

I'm happy to report that I was able to finish and finally photograph this quilt. 

Doesn't the green vegetation really pop those colors?

I've been a part of the Trust Circle of do.Good.Stitches, a charitable quilting bee, for some time now.  This year, Rachel asked me if I would step into a Quilter role; which meant organizing two quilt block collections each year, as well as piecing, finishing and then donating the quilt. 
March was my first go at this and it was exciting, coming up with the color palette and selecting a tutorial for my fellow bee members to follow.  I asked them to make two Improv blocks using Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial; which is super simple yet creates wonderfully chaotic blocks.
I selected a watermelon color palette and it was thrilling to open up the mailbox every few days and see such happy blocks arriving.
I decided to piece all of the blocks together without sashing or borders and definitely feel like it creates something very eye-catching.  I did a meandering stipple design in apple green thread and bound it all together with some green and black dots.  

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Oh it does look great. It's cheery and whimsical :)

  2. Great looking quilt. Can't wait to see it up-close. Krin

  3. I love your color scheme, Kristy! BTW, today I started sewing together the blocks for my Mazed quilt...finally! It's going to be so cute. I really like the pattern and how it can be set in several different ways, you clever girl!


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