Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday - January 16th, 2013

It's been way too long since I participated in WIP Wednesday; but here I am today with what else some works in progress.

Let's start off by sharing my most recent finish of 2013.  It was an old WIP, way back from 2011 that I shamefully just finished this past weekend.  It's ridiculous that I let it sit this long considering all it needed was some quilting and binding.  You can read all about it in my previous post.

Next up is a gift that I'm working on.  I've really enjoyed going through my stash to pull these fabrics and already have begun the cutting.  I can't wait for the actual piecing part. 

Next up is another gift, and while this quilt is already done, I just can't show it yet, since it hasn't been officially "gifted"; but stay tuned because it's a beauty and I'm gonna share the block pattern with you too. 


I've decided that 2013 is going to be the Year of Finishing, so I've pulled out my WIP and took a photo.  I hope to have all of these finished by December 31st and I'm well on  my way...see very first photo up top.  One quilt down, 4 more to go.

I'm linking up on Lee's blog Freshly Pieced...head on over there and check out what others are working on this week.
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. My WIP are to many to fit in one picture. I need to get on the band wagon for " The Year of Finishing" I live the black and white quilt and the animal print fabrics. Can't wait ti see what you are making.

  2. Starting in 2011 and finishing now sounds pretty darn good to me :) I have projects that have grandchildren by now.

  3. Oh I just love the beginnings of a project and pulling fabric! I also am hoping to clean out my WIP's hoping!!

  4. I love the black and white quilt. I like the simplicity of it.

  5. I can't wait to see that gift quilt, the fabric you used is gorgeous! I think I have some of that dandelion print stashed away for me. :)


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