Tuesday, December 25, 2012

QAYG Pouches

QAYG stands for Quilt As You Go...and I'm in LOVE.  QAYG is a method of creating quilted patchwork panels which you can use for several different projects.  I've chosen to make small and medium size pouches; but you can make a quilt, totebag, etc, etc.  Here is the tutorial that I used from Elizabeth Hartman.

You may remember me showing you this first pouch that I made for our Lou Bee exchange in early December.

I quickly followed that up with this one.

And then this one.

And finally this one.


All of these have been gifted away or ready and waiting to be gifted, so it looks like it's time to make one for me...OR (light bulb turning on) maybe a whole coordinating set.

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  1. So productive! How are you finishing these? Are they lined, or is the lining also part of the QAYG? Are the seam allowances exposed on the inside?


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