Thursday, November 29, 2012

UN-Traditional Black Friday Shopping

My Sister and I went out on Black Friday as millions of others did; but we took an untraditional approach and honestly we both agreed that we really enjoyed this "new tradition" instead. 

We said NO to places like Target, Walmart and the Mall...rather heading to smaller and more unique venues instead. 

First stop...a local antique mall.

For those who have been following me for a while, you certainly know my love of antiques.  Usually it's furniture that finds its way into my home; but once in a while I'll come across something that is much smaller and certainly easier to take home. 

Can you imagine my glee when I came across this piece of sewing history for only $25? 

It's a New Home Sewing Machine; which a little follow-up research has dated between 1900-1910.  This tredle machine was sitting in an inconspicous booth with an original price of $80; but the booth's owner certainly hadn't seen any movement on it, so they marked it down to $25.  SCORE!
Now, what I bought was just the cast iron machine in all it's unleveled glory.  It would have originally been housed in a sewing cabinet/table; but clearly that was no where to be found.  As I had wanted to display this antique, I asked my Dad if he wouldn't mind constructing a small box which the machine could sit down in and a few short hours later he created the above box, stained and everything.

What I love about this machine is the exquisite ornamentated motifs covering nearly the entire surface.  While it does have wear and tear (read: over 100 years old), it's amazing how crisp the designs still are. 

This machine was made in the good ol' USA, Orange Mass. to be specific.  While the New Home company is no longer around, I'm glad to own this little piece of sewing history. 

Second stop...Rock & Roll Craft Show 9.

For those unfamiliar with the Rock & Roll Craft Show, I highly recommend that you check out their blog, facebook page, etc.  This event was held at the Third Degree Glass Factory; which is a wonderful place all its own. 

So what exactly is the RRCS?  Just as the poster above says, it's an Alternative Craft Show and Music Event.  The entire venue was filled with art/craft of all varieties from tons of local artists.  I dare you to walk out of there without having bought something, if not a handful of things. 
There was Jewelry, Christmas ornaments, Home Decor, Totes and Wallets, Kitchen items, Clothing, Paintings, Pottery, etc, etc, etc.  If you love Etsy, you'll love this show. 
There is a cover charge to get into the event; which was $3 on Saturday and Sunday; but if you wanted VIP access (first day access and a giftbag with goodies), the charge was $10 a head.  It was worth it! 
While my Sister and I hadn't planned to stand in a line on Black Friday as we were going the un-traditional route.  We actually didn't mind standing in line to get into this event.  I for one was really excited to see that there WAS a line.  Art/Craft Power!!! 

Both my Sister and I picked up a few things for Holiday gifts, so I can't show you what I bought; but I LOVE that they included these tags in the giftbag.
I hope your Holiday festivities have kicked off to a great start and while we will all go to Big-Box stores at least once this season.  I do hope that you will certainly take the time to check out smaller opportunities like your local independent retailers too.  


  1. The New Home is beautiful! I recently was gifted my grandmother's treadle Singer, complete with cabinet. It took me awhile to figure out where to put it, but am enjoying looking at it everyday behind my sofa. (And, I didn't paint it!)LOL

  2. Your sewing machine is a real beauty. Glad it came home with you.

  3. What a great find with the sewing machine! I've never seen one with multicolored enameling before--very cool!

  4. Damn! (Excuse my language, but I am so excited for you!) Where did you go? Of course now there won't be anything there, but I would love a vintage sewing machine for me! :)


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