Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Fun Stuff

I'm looking forward to this coming 4-Day Holiday Weekend, more then you realize.  Let's just say a 16 hour work-day Monday got the week started off right :-(

Obviously it all starts with Thanksgiving.  I'm in charge of the Pumpkin Pie and the supplies have been bought, said pie will be made Thursday morning.  The "ironic" part is that I don't even eat Pumpkin Pie, nor do I eat a majority of the things that I bake including Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Lemon Meringue Pie, Pudding Pie, etc.  It's a good thing that I have a Family which does, otherwise my Baking would tend to go to waste.

Now, let's get something clear.  I'm NOT one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers.  While I have for many years ventured out, it's not for the reasons you think.  Only once did I ever get up at 4am and that was to hang out with my Sister in line, who was eyeing something on Super-Sale that she had been saving for months to buy.  The rest of the time was just to get in the Holiday Spirit and by that I mean being surrounded by the cheesy Holiday Decorations, and who can forget the random Holiday Classics coming through the speakers and sometimes...yes, sometimes if you pay close enough attention the day can bring out kindness in Strangers too.  All of it just gives me goose-bumps :-)

Do you know about Small-Business Saturday?  If you are one of the millions planning on dropping some dough this weekend, let's not forget all of the Small-Businesses out there.

Don't know what Small-Business Saturday is all about, check out this video to learn more.


Sewing-wise, I do have alot to finish and some approaching deadlines.  Here's a few things on the good-ol' To Do List. 


  • How about a little Dear Stella, Maasai Mara fabric.  I don't have a fancy Design Wall, so the floor tends to hold my in-process projects.  I'm entering this one in the QuiltCon Quilt Show IF the rest of the fabric I ordered comes in and IF I'm able to finish it in time. 

Finally, do you ever hear one of those songs that just makes you happy no matter what's going on.  Well, thanks to a trial of XM Radio, I found an artist by the name of Gin Wigmore.  This song has been on constant repeat on my drive to work every morning.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Ooh, you lucky thing - I have seen a couple of quilts floating around in the PB & J fabric and it is really lovely. Your Maasai Mara quilt is looking very bright and fresh! As a New Zealander, I am always super excited to see other New Zealanders making it big - very happy you have discovered Gin Wigmore!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving belated to you! I hope your pumpkin pie went over well! I can't wait to see your newest projects! Good luck on getting your quilt done for QuiltCon!


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