Thursday, November 8, 2012

How is it November 8th?

I don't like this. 
No, not one bit. 
Someone please tell me how it is November 8th already?

All I can think about is how many days there are until the end of the year...ugh! and how much that is still on my To-Do List. 
I thought I would share a quick photo I took 2 weeks ago of the table that is in my studio.  Would you believe that there are the fixings for 4 different quilts sitting on that table.  That's on top of the various projects including 2 handbags, and 1 X-mas tutorial.   The good news is that at least one thing has been finished and removed from said table :-)

Rachel from Stitched in Color asked if I would take over one of the unfinished quilts for the Trust Circle of do.Good.Stitches.  I was honored to put together the arrow blocks, even if it meant putting everything else on hold.  Good causes always trump everything else :-)

I did have one other quick finish; which coincidentally was also for do.Good.Stitches.

Melissa (CraftyMamaD on Flickr) asked our group to make 2 wonky log cabin blocks using green, blue, orange and white.  I pulled out a novelty print for the center and then built two fun blocks around them. 

I finished my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap; but since it's after 9pm...taking decent photos is out of the question.  I'll save that for this weekend.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I better get back to that table.

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  1. where did fall go? i think the summer we had seemed to drag on forrrrevvvverrr and fall flew by in a flash..i'm with you, how can it be november?


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