Sunday, September 16, 2012

What I've been doing

There's lots happening behind the scenes here at St. Louis Folk Victorian, and while it's all very exciting, it makes for poor blogging since I can't share alot of it with you right now; but I'll share what I can.
I participated in the Pretty Little Pouch Swap R.5 and made this pouch for my secret partner.  I used Anna (Noodlehead's) Open Wide Zippered-Pouch Tutorial

Up next, is this "Domestic Bliss" Jelly Roll by Designer, Liz Scott.  I'm working on my 2nd quilt pattern and decided a while back that this was definately going to be what I made the quilt out of. 

The quilt top is done, just need to sandwich, quilt and bind it up.  Along with that, all of my Pattern Testers have given me their feedback (Thanks Again Ladies!!) and I need to sort through it all and get the pattern ready for printing.

There will be a Blog Hop that goes along with it too in Mid-Late October.


Now onto the stuff that I can't show you right now:

Of course all of that is on top of the other projects I'm trying to do :-) 
It's a good thing that I like to be busy !

Now, I best get going, gotta squeeze a little "Doctor Who" time in there too. 


  1. Yay, you! Can't wait to see and hear all the juicy details!

  2. So funny that you mention Doctor Who, since I've been powering through *all* the seasons as I finish Julian's quilt. David Tennant will forever be associated with hand quilting in my mind...

    Also--congrats on all of your projects! They sound super exciting :)

  3. Holy cow girl you are busy! I can't wait to see the new pattern, I have a jelly roll of Curio that I won... maybe that will work for the QAL. How fun! I can't wait to see what you have going on behind the scenes!


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