Saturday, August 25, 2012

Presentations & Workshops

Oh, my glorious junior high and highschool days.  I dreaded each and every presentation, debate and I would have rather been sick at home in bed, then get up in front of people and talk.  A lot sure has changed.

                            ALTHOUGH the material has changed a little too... 

I'm not trying to decipher Shakespeare, explain that paragraph of a word problem or give my theories on ancient history.  Rather, what I've enjoyed doing is presiding over our STLMQG meetings and spending a few hours each month "blabbering" on about modern quilting and other quilt related-topics.  Clearly, when I am passionate about something, I jump at the chance to talk about it.

This August, I've been busy doing just that.  A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation on "Modern Quilting" to Thimble & Thread Quilt Guild and this past Tuesday, I gave a similar; but slightly different (due to technical difficulties) presentation to the Ties, Needles & Thread Guild.

Packing up

Table Presentation & Trunk Show

Today's events were a little different, as I hosted a workshop called "Wonk-ified".  It was the first time that I had taught this particular workshop, and it was ALOT of fun.   

Preparing the workshop samples

Fifteen lovely ladies joined me as I walked them through how to make two "wonky" blocks.  The first of which was a "Wonky Star" and the second was a "Wonky Log Cabin" block.  It was an absolute treat for me to see these "much-more experienced quilters then I", learn something completely different and have fun with it. 

Most of the "Wonky Stars" that were finished in class

What I truly enjoyed was watching these women who had previously followed every rule in the "quilting book", let loose and just cut into the fabric without rhyme or reason.  Once they got the hang of it, it was hard for them to stop.  It was a delight to hear them say...

"I didn't know wonky was so much fun",
or my favorite comment "it's O-KAY, it's wonky" followed by a string of giggles whenever someone's piece/block didn't go quite the way they had planned. 

Student trimming up her block

Student "squaring" up her block

Some of the "Wonky Log Cabins" blocks
made in class

Today was a delightful way to spend an afternoon.  Thank You!! to both guilds for inviting me to join in on the fun this month and share a little bit of my creativity with you.


  1. Sounds like your class was a success, congrats! The results look great and I'm glad to hear your students were having fun with the wonky blocks.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it! Well done! Love the blocks, they are so fun. Looks like it was an enjoyable and productive day.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!


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