Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catch-Up Time

The STLMQG had a Sew-In Saturday the weekend before last and I had a full 12 hours to get some stuff accomplished.  I'm glad that I packed a few extra "projects" at the last minute because I was "in the zone" and did ALOT.

Let's start with these two bee blocks that I made for the Trust Circle of the do.Good.Stitches beeLiz asked us to make two "scrap jar" blocks using this tutorial.

Up next is a quilt top that I finally finished for a "long-overdue" gift.  Gotta make the back and get quilting.

While I didn't work on this next block at the Sew-In, it's still a recent project.  It's my entry to the QuiltCon Block Challenge.  The rules were to create a modern-style block, using the colors in the QuiltCon logo. 

Last week I found this Knook kit at Jo-Ann's Fabrics.  I had heard about it from someone at work and the concept was interesting..."knit with a crochet hook".  Now, I know how to crochet; but can't seem to grasp the concept of knitting.  I thought maybe this would make the "knitting" concept a little more understandable so I can pick up real needles one day.  Have you heard of this?  or tried it?

Finally, the STLMQG's Inspiration Challenge is due this coming Saturday.  I'm not gonna lie, the looming deadline does miracles for jumpstarting creativity.  I can't show you much because it's sort of a surprise; but what I can show you is my "free-motion" quilting. 

So, I know...what's so special.  Well, it's my first time trying it on a real quilt instead of practice pieces.  I figured since the Inspiration Challenge quilt was a managable size, it would be good "practice". 

There are uneven stitches, several areas of overlapping loops and a few things I wish I could hide; but at least I finally did it.  Practice makes Perfect and hopefully I'll have the guts to do this again.


  1. Wahoo for free-motion quilting! It's so nerve wracking to try it on a real quilt. My first one had a lot of the overlapping loops and uneven stitches, the second time I tried it on a bigger quilt. It was so much better! I practiced a lot... yay for trying new things! :)

  2. I will be intersted to know what you think of the Knook! I too can crochet, love the look of knit but it is beyond me as I am so used to crocheting. Friends have tried to teach me to no avail LOL

  3. Popping over from #talknt. I love the stars. They are lovely!


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