Monday, June 11, 2012

Sewing Buddies Challenge 1 - Complete

So you might remember some months ago I mentioned that I had a Sewing Buddy.  What's a Sewing Buddy you ask?  Well, if you keep up with WhipStitch's blog; it's someone that helps motivate you to do more, trade ideas, compare projects, etc.  While I have an entire Quilt Guild and the LouBee girls that motivate and inspire me; I thought it would be an interesting adventure (kinda like a PenPal) I signed up.

I was partnered with Darci; who lives in NY and coincidentally works in a similiar industry as I do...small world.  We both decided to take on the 1st Sewing Buddy Challenge; which was to create a Boy/Girl project.  The rules stated that we should work together in some way/shape/form...whether mailing the pieces back and forth, working with similiar concepts, etc. 

We partnered together to make two Crib for a girl and one for a boy.  I purchased 3 Kona Charm Packs; which I then divided into the typical Boy and Girl palettes (mailing the Girl palette of Pink/Red/Yellow to Darci and keeping the Boy palette of Green/Blue/Teal to myself).  Darci purchased the backing and binding materials both of which were from Ann Kelle's line for Robert Kaufmann.  We both decided to work with HST; but done in a different fashion.

I was inspired by this quilt and decided to try my hand at something similiar.  After making nearly 60 HST, I ran out of fabric and had had enough.  Honestly, the palette was frustrating me, as it was never as bright as I had hoped and it left me somewhat uninspired; but we had both agreed to finish the Challenge and submit our entries together. 

I do have to admit, once it was sewn up, quilted and bound...I was pleasantly surprised. 

I'm still not a fan of half of those colors; but at least they look pretty good when mixed together and it was nice knowing that Darci was having similiar frustrations on her end too.  I can't wait to see her finished quilt...I'll post it here upon completion.


  1. How FUN!!!! And the quilt is perfect for a little boy...Where can we see Darci's quilt?

  2. I do love those big hst's and the colors are great, maybe not the pop you expected but very pleasing.

  3. It sounds like you got an awesome sewing buddy! My buddy had no interest in doing the challenge and then quit replying after, like, two e-mails :( Can't wait to see Darci's quilt!

  4. hey friends- my quilt is posted in the flickr group.
    I am pretty pleased with our projects- i think they look really great.
    But i must say- i had no idea HSTs and pinwheels were so much work! All that work for something so small :)


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