Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thrifting pays off

The day started as usual, no big plans, just a few errands to run.  The Sister and I decided to visit St. Vincent's Thrift Store off of S. Kingshighway.  It's an enormous store that is filled with clothing, accessories, furniture, books, electronics, home decor and interesting people.  The RiverFront Times actually named it the best thrift store in St. Louis.

I always check out the furniture because you just never know.  Usually, it's tacky TV entertainment centers from the 1980s, a random mix of table and chairs or if you are lucky you might find an antique sewing cabinet with machine still included.

Before I could make it halfway down the first aisle; I went into OMG! OMG! OMG! is that what I think it is mode.  Standing in front of me was an antique armoire that was A-Mazing!  We are talking turn of the century, knock-down cabinet with tons of unique details.  This is the type of piece that I see in Antique Malls all the time and know that I can never have because of the enormous pricetag.  Yet, the one in front of me was in my price-range and I couldn't believe it.  One glance and you could see that it needed some work; but let's be honest, I live in a 125yr old Fixer-Upper, I'm used to a little wear and tear. 

About 30 min. later...this was in my Dad's truck, on it's way back to his garage, so he can work his magic and make it like new (well, new-old; but you get the point).

I know it's hard to tell from the photo what it really is, and if I was smart I would have taken a photo of it intact while in the store; but I was too in the zone to think clearly.  All I can say is...

"Yes, RiverFront Times...St. Vincent's IS the best thrift store in St. Louis"


  1. Just gotta love a great find! I was wondering where the big St Vincent's had gone to, it used to be on Forest Park Parkway.. and then it was gone. I'll have to check out the new location. Have fun with the new project!

  2. I just told my hubby about St Vincent's... we love thrift stores and haven't been to that one! I'm feeling a trip this weekend! :)

  3. That is AWESOME!!! I have purposely stayed away from that store for that very reason. I would see too much I want and have nowhere to put it!


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