Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2-8-2012

So, I'm a little late for WIP Wednesday; but I do have some fun stuff to show you anyway.

Last week, I showed you the 1st block that I had made as part of the Lou Bee.  Well, here is Block #2...all dressed up in yellows and looking mighty F-I-N-E.  I do have to admit, I like this block.  If you'd like to make one yourself, here is the tutorial.

Of course, it's not often that I have 2 of something lying around, so I took a few additional photos because I could.  These lovely blocks will be given away on Saturday.


I also shared with you last week the progress that I had made on my Doll Quilt for the Fab Little Quilt Swap.  Well, I am thrilled to say that I am DONE...yes, folks...that is right, I am ahead of schedule.  Not that I'm ever late with my swaps; but sometimes the week it's due there is some late night sewing going on.  Not with this one, I was inspired right away and things just came together.

It's all sorts of crinkly good and while it's kinda hard to tell all of the details, in person it's super.  I hope my Partner likes it...when they get it in like a month :-)

That's it for this Wednesday.  I'll be catching up with you all again here soon.


  1. Oh, I love your yellow circle of geese! I did a plum one using that same heath background and now I want one in aqua and one in yellow, too.

  2. Don't you love finishing things? So much fun; I'm glad you shared them!

  3. You are in the ZONE, Lady! Nice work!

  4. Everything you do is so beautiful. I love the colour combination of grey and lemon. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.


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