Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday 2-1-2012

It's February 1st...can you believe it?  I'm back with another installment of WIP Wednesday and I've linked up over on Freshly Pieced

So what am I sharing with you today.  How about some quilt blocks...

The first (Circle of Geese) is for our Lou Bee; which is a bee that was born out of the STLMQG.  It's our first block of 2012 and Cara asked that we make two Circle of Geese, tutorial can be found here if you'd like to make your own.  I've finished one as you can see below and have one more to go using yellows.

The next block is my Center for the {Modern} Robin.  It's an old-fashioned concept where you start a block and your Partner builds a border, you build a border, so forth and so on until you have a smallish-quilt.

Laura, a fellow St. Louisian, asked if I wanted to be her Partner.  We'll spend the next few months working on each other's blocks.  Coincidentally, she said that she is working on a star for her center block too.


I've made some progress on my Doll Quilt for the Fab Little Quilt Swap. As you can tell, I'm really liking the use of printed backgrounds.  Last week it was just a pile of scraps; but this week I've made some wedges and just need to figure out a layout.


Finally, I want to share with you another start.  Have you heard about the MQG Showcase?  No...well, it's an exhibit hosted by Quilts, Inc and gives members of any MQG an opportunity to submit a quilt for consideration to a special Showcase premiering during International Quilt Market & Festival this fall.  It's a great opportunity and they are having an Open Call for Submissions

I wanted to participate; but was lacking for inspiration until I was watching TV one afternoon and saw a commercial that immediately turned on the Inspiration Lightbulb in my head.  I got something down on paper, found some fabrics in my stash and started to cut random scraps.  I'm doing a little Improv piecing and need to finish the quilt and submit it before the March 2nd deadline. 

It looks a little Christmassy from the photo above; but I've made some headway on the quilt top and let me tell you that it is anything but Christmassy.  When I look at the quilt top I actually think of "Chocolate Covered Strawberries".


That's it for this week's WIP Wednesday, I hope to share with you some further progress next week.  Until then, did you catch my Announcement from last Thursday.  You can check it out here


  1. I love what you are doing with neutrals, colors and shapes. And congrats on the quilt pattern!!! Can't wait to see it.

  2. Nice blocks! I love the Circle of Geese..nice colors!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your printed backgrounds!! Gorgeous!

  4. Your printed background are fab. I like all your blocks:)

  5. Love those printed backgrounds!! That circle of geese block is just stunning, one my favorite favorite blocks ever :-)

  6. Isn't it great when you get inspiration. All your work inspires me.


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