Monday, February 13, 2012

Gifts and a little Splurging

First I have to start with something that I honestly thought I would never see again.  You see I made a "Stacked Books" block a while back and while I really liked it, I was saddened to see that it finished smaller then I needed.  I wasn't going to make more wrong ones just to go with it.  So, I tossed it on the STLMQG Freebie Table last month and Nancy happened to pick it up.

Now, how did I know that Nancy picked it up?  Well, first because she told me and second because she showed this and one similiar to it at our meeting this past Saturday.

Yep that's my block, repurposed as a lovely little zippered pouch...and guess what, this one is mine.  She surprised me and announced that it could come live with me.  Thanks Nancy!!!


I might have lived off of Ramen Noodles for a while to sock away enough $$ to buy this; but it was sooooooooooooo worth it.  I introduce you to Pezzy Prints by American Jane.  I totally missed out on this collection during it's first printing; but recently it was re-introduced in lots of great colors and I knew right away that it would make a great addition to my scrappy fabric stash.

Don't be surprised if little bits of this show up in lots of my projects going forward...Hehehe. 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day. I can see why you love the fabric so much.

  2. That zippered pouch is cute; so nice of Nancy to gift it back to you! Ahhhhh Pez....sigh....sooo good! Happy Valentines Day!


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