Thursday, January 5, 2012

WIP Inventory & Skeletons

After I wrote my first WIP Wednesday post of 2012 yesterday and checked out some of my fellow WIP'rs, I noticed that many of them keep a sort of tally at the end of their posts.  Something kinda like this:

This Week's Stats
Completed Projects
New Projects
Currently in Process

I love making lists and am one of those people that once so many things get crossed off the list, I have to rewrite what is left onto a new list.  Yep, I'm one of those people.  This got me thinking that I probably should take stock of just how many WIP (works in progress) I do have...which is kinda frightening; because as I'm writing this I FEEL like I have ALOT of unfinished things going on.  But then again, one doesn't really know until they take stock of what is hanging around.

The other thing I'm wondering is when does something stop being a WIP...and I don't mean when it's complete (that's obvious).  What I mean is when is something an eternal WIP or WIP Skeleton, as I'm calling it.

It's inventory time, people...walk with me.

------------------ Works in Progress -----------------

Snapshot Quilt
Top is Pieced...Yes
Quilting & Binding...No

String Block Quilt
made with blocks from the Simply Strings Bee members
Top is Pieced...Yes
Quilting & Binding...No

LouBee Quilt
Top is Pieced...No
I love these blocks as my LouBee girls from the STLMQG made them for me.

Small Plate "Innocent Crush" Quilt
Top is Pieced...No
I have made pretty good headway in finishing the blocks though

Blue/Yellow Improv Quilt
Top is Pieced...No
I do pull this out routinely and make another block or two.

Mod Mosaic Quilt
**Sadly this never got off the ground properly, as I only received back 5 of the 12 blocks
I sent out as part of a Quilting Bee that ended last year; but I will finish this one day, even if it's just compiling the blocks I do have into something small.**

Linen Quilt
Top is Pieced...Yes
**This was meant as a gift and while I have the backing and thread ready to go.  I'm questioning my choice to use linen as the's literally 95% of the top.  I'm envisioning it to be a shifty mess; but I'm probably not giving it a chance.**

----------------------- WIP Skeletons ----------------------

Que the music...dun, dun, dun

Orange/Brown Quilt
**This was supposed to be a Shower gift for a co-worker like 7 years ago.  This was back when I was quilting very sporadically (like every 2 years) and hated everything that I made because the quilting never looked right.  I have since been introduced to a Walking Foot (duh!).  This top measures approx. 36 x 48 in and is completely pieced; but I think that's where our relationship is ending.  It coincidentally is sitting in the same plastic tub with its WIP Skeleton in crime below.

Improv Quilt
**So, I had made an improv quilt for a fundraiser (sadly don't have a single photo of it) and loved it so much that I wanted a similiar one for myself; but in a different palette  I remember being super-excited with my fabric selections and thrilled with the first 2 "blocks" I did; but then life kinda got in the way.  I packed it up, years have gone by and here it is sitting in a plastic tub and I hate it**


Do you have some eternal WIP skeletons around your house?  I'd love to hear about them. what to do with the 2 WIP Skeletons above is the question.

As for including my tally list in future WIP Wednesday posts...let me think about that one for a while.  Maybe making this visual list is enough for me right now.


  1. If you hate the WIP Skeletons SO much get rid of them!! Is there a charity which will take them, even in their unfinished state? If not use them for drop sheets when you paint or send them to the thrift shop!

  2. I'm so OCD about purging old stuff that I do not have any skeletons to share. =) If you don't like them, I'd let them go bye bye! Overall it looks like you are doing really good with WIPs!

  3. release them....let them fly...TRASH THEM...or just make them into something else. Maybe new grocery bags? Pillow cases? tote bags for charity? place mats? dog bed?

  4. All your quilts are gorgeous but Snapshot is absolutely fabulous. It is so crisp and clean looking. How are you planning to quilt it?

  5. Do you ever sleep? (Posted at 2:00 a.m.) Between blogging, sewing, working, cooking, gardening, quilt club, house repairs? Those WIP's you just don't know what to do with could easily go to, say someone who does charity quilts, for maybe Nurses for Newborns. Talk about a baby quilt making a statement!!!!


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