Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Finish of the New Year

Okay, so technically I have been working on this the last few weeks in December; but coincidentally the binding was finished this morning, January it kinda counts. 

When my Sister's Fiance', who is like the world's biggest Harry Potter fan, jokingly mentioned that I should make him a Harry Potter Quilt, I don't think he realized that I'd actually follow-through.  I mean, who really makes a Harry Potter Quilt...and especially one that doesn't "SCREAM" Harry Potter.

I found Owlsea's Pattern for a Hogwarts crest and did some intense paper piecing.  I did enlarge the pattern though, as the original was only going to finish at 5", mine is about 10".

While I had the key feature finished, I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of the quilt.

Finally, I came across this quilt in my Flickr Favs and after consulting with my Sister, we both agreed that I was on the right track. 

So, I give you my take on a Harry Potter Quilt.

Oh yeah, did I mention we are having wind gusts up to 30 mph today

And of course as an added bonus, I stitched the "Deathly Hallows" into the quilt too.  I'm not gonna tell him about that, let's see how long it takes him to find.

He'll be in town this coming weekend for a late Christmas and will find this waiting for him.

Oh come you wouldn't wrap a Harry Potter quilt like this? 

Happy New Year!!!


  1. The package just needs a feather to make it look like that it was dropped off via owl post!

    I love the quilt.. it's simple yet it's totally a Harry Potter quilt.. and honestly I love your take versus other ones I've seen.

  2. Landed here via Twitter/Sewing Summit.

    That is FREAKING AWESOME. If I was your BIL-to-be, I would fall flat on my butt when I saw that. Spectacular! And I love, as you say, that it's totally a Harry Potter quilt that doesn't SCREAM Harry Potter with every inch.

    Wonderful job!

  3. Nice! If only you could have an owl drop it off to him. That quilt is perfect!

  4. this is excellent! AND inspiring!

  5. What a great new year's finish! Any HP fan will love the wrapping.

  6. A great finish. Its hard doing a manly design but your works perfectly.

  7. I LOVE this! I was just thinking about how I could make a HP quilt for my sister. And the Deathly Hallows sign is perfect! He's going to loooove it :)

  8. I enjoyed reading about your Harry Potter quilt,and decided to follow your blog,I do some sewing myself,so always like reading about sewing projects. You are welcome to follow my blog as well. Blessings jane

  9. Thats a really thoughtful gift; sweet!


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