Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Deliveries of Color

Don't ask me why I had never ordered from Hawthorne Threads before, as I am always on their site  looking at all the fabric and imagining what I would make with it.  Yet, when I was gifted a Gift Certificate, I no longer had an excuse.  Lucky for me, my shopping trip coincided with them having a $5.99 sale on their Scrap Bags. 

I bought 3 Scrap Bags, one of each variety (Warm, Cool, Fresh) and here's what I received between all 3 of them.  When Hawthorne Threads says scraps, I think they redefine what that word means.  There wasn't a piece smaller then 6" wide x LOF (Length of Fabric) and I even got one that was about 15" wide.

The mix of fabrics I got was great too, some things that I had never seen before and some that I might have secretly wanted; but couldn't commit to or even missed out on.

While I'm talking about fabric, let me show you what I picked up at Fabric Nosherie last week.  Don't know about them?  They are St. Louis's first modern fabric shop, located in the heart of Webster Groves.  I was in the area and stopped by as I had heard that they were expecting some Japanese import fabric.  Aside from a few little squares I had received in a swap once, I had never really experienced this stuff up close and in person.

Some of it is a little too cutsy for me; but when I saw this, I knew that I had to have some. 

I'm always on a search for stash-building basics, and while there isn't anything particular basic about the stack below, except to say that each print can certainly find its way into lots of varying projects.  If you haven't visited Jeni over at In Color Order, you definately should check out her "Art of Choosing" segment; which shows you a thing or two about organization, fabric selection, etc.

These are some that have made their way into my stash and will certainly be making an appearance in future projects.


  1. Do I see buck horns?! Yes please!


  2. Great colors. Lots of happiness in those fabrics!


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