Monday, September 12, 2011

I have a confession...

I am not a very prolific quilter and that has recently started to bother me.

Here's a fine example:  I was walking through Target the other night and came across a beautiful Queen size quilt.  It was all white, and was filled with straightline stitching about an inch apart.  It was on clearance for a mere $35.  I absolutely hate the comforter that is on my bed (a desperation purchase from Kohl's about 3 years ago).  As I'm holding this quilt from Target, my heart is saying...You are a Quilter, make yourself a freakin' quilt.  Then my head starts saying (or was it my Sister)...Yeah; but can you make a Queen size for $35.  I put the Target quilt in my cart and hee-hawed over it the entire rest of the store, only to eventually purchase it.  Yet the quilt is still in it's bag with the receipt, as I still haven't made up my mind.

Here's an additional example:  I am the President of the STLMQG; yet I have rarely shown anything during Show & Tell.  Why you ask?  Because aside from the guild challenges, most everything I have made to date has been for a bee or swap that I seem to send away before I can even share it with the guild.  Plus, I have yet to make anything for myself, much less the family members I keep saying will get a quilt someday.  I see some of my fellow members who have a lot less time on their hands, whip out beautiful quilts in what seems like no time and I think to myself...what am I doing wrong.

Here's what happened...when I got involved in Modern Quilting about a year or so ago, I literally jumped into it with both feet. Participating in way too many swaps and bees on Flickr.  While I loved every minute of it, I've realized that it has left me with no time for myself. 

So, I've started cutting back.  I'm involved in alot fewer swaps and bees now.  Plus, I've actually started on some things that I have been putting off.

Here is a photo of my "in process" table.  There are alot of little projects sitting on it, including a block for do. Good Stitches, a block for Simply Strings and a bag of Tula Pink waiting to be turned into a block for Jamie, as part of our Lou Bee (bee).  Yet, you see that Innocent Crush fabric up top...that's a quilt that has been on my radar for a while.  And those Black and White strips...yep, there's another project for me. 

I am determined to finish one if not more things just for me before the year is out.  It might sound a little selfish; but sometimes I think it's okay to be a little selfish.


  1. Kristy you made me laugh. I can't tell you how many times I have looked at a quilt somewhere and admonished myself for not making a quilt for my own bed!!!! Keep the quilt. It's always good to have a back up :-)

  2. The reason you probably DON'T yet have a quilt of your own is that you spend most of your free time inspiring and making things for OTHER quilters. All of US included. MC has the right idea... One seam at a time, whenever you find time, and you'll have a quilt before you know it.

    You DEFINITELY deserve a quilt of your own, regardless of origin (says the woman with not a quilt to her name... Ha!)

    So, FIRST, you TAKE that Target quilt RIGHT out of the bag, young lady, and toss it in the washer/dryer until it smells like your favorite fabric softener. Then, you snuggle up under it and devise a plan for how you're going to tackle that Innocent Crush quilt (or whichever WIP you want most) at our very next Sew-In.

    If nothing else, you should have at least 18 blocks of your MMISL bee quilt ready to go... Sash 'em and snuggle up, buttercup! :) You've earned it.

  3. Awe, I have to say, don't feel guilty about the target quilt! and I'm glad you're finally taking time to make yourself something.

    Comparing ourselves with everyone else always makes us come up short...not worth the comparison imo! =)

    Have a beautiful day.

  4. It may surprise you, but none of the 4 beds in my house have quilts. They are all covered in solid quilted pieces from Target, BB&B or Pottery Barn. I just don't make quilts big enough for a bed, so I have them folded at the bottom - we call them our "pull-up options". Easy to switch them out seasonally also. Yes - you need to make something for yourself!

  5. Just because you're a quilter doesn't mean you have to make every quilt or blanket in your home. A queen quilt at $35 is a STEAL, and steals are nothing to feel guilty about!

  6. Quilting, love of's all the same. Only sew when you want to; no need to ruin your love with feelings of obligations and "shoulds". As for the Target quilt, if you love it keep it. If it'll just do, take it back. And totally agree with Lynne...if it moves you, finish up the LouBee quilt!

  7. Take the quilt out of the bag and put it on your bed. $35.00 is a steal! You can always drape a quilt on the end of your Target quilt becase it will go with anything. Read Lynne's post again.

  8. Ohdo keep the Target quilt, your not going to make one for that price. When the time is right you will make your just for you quilt. I have only made wall hanging not a problem is fear.sad but true. Blessings aPat.

  9. The same thing happened to me last year around the holidays. I was spending time making gifts, making store samples, and signed up for far too many swaps. I cut out everything except for 2 of my very favorite swaps ever, and now I have time to do what I want. And I'm not making so many gifts this year. While I love creating them, I felt disappointed when they weren't appreciated for the time and thought I put in them. In the end, I never feel like I do anything out of guild, obligation, etc. and that makes me very happy :)

  10. Kristy.....I must admit......I have been lurking on your blog for quite some time now. I very much enjoy reading it, and usually getting a few good laughs out of your quick wit. I never thought I would be a closet quilter, but, I have been for a while. I am coming out now! Your blog has helped me realize I need to enjoy what I do! Thanks for helping me realize this. Please have faith in yourself that you are doing the right things not only for others, but, for yourself. You are an inspiration regardless if you have tangible proof of it or not! P.S. I grew up in Southeast Missouri near your favorite antique mall!

  11. Keep the quilt from Target and enjoy it. Quilters love quilts. I can relate though. I have been quilting for a little over 10 years & don't have one of my own quilts on a bed in our home! Good for you that you are going to complete something & keep it for yourself! I'm alot like blogger Cindy, I make a lot of throw size quilts. Enjoy your blog.

  12. Put the dang quilt on your bed!!

    Love your conscious…or your sister…however you choose to see me today.


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