Monday, August 15, 2011

STLMQG Habitat Challenge - Part 2

So last week, I introduced you to the STLMQG edition of the Habitat Challenge and showed you the fabrics that I received and the usually not me solids that I choose to go with it.

Well, I've been busy.

If you've looked closely at the Habitat collection by Jay McCarroll, you'll notice that the prints are bold and very unique.  I wanted to highlight them in larger pieces and when I came across this quilt as seen below (actually it's the quilt back; but no matter), I knew this was the inspiration I was looking for.

Castle Peeps Quilt
Design by Crystal of SonnetoftheMoon

I started by framing each of the 6 prints in solid black. 

Then started combining a few of them into groups.

Eventually, I found a layout that I liked and within one afternoon had nearly 60% of the top pieced.

I probably could have finished the whole top; but I underestimated how large I wanted the quilt to be and ran out of one of the solids.  This is pure improv at it's best and worst; because I didn't have a plan drawn out, I just bought some yardage and "thought" that it would be enough. 

Yet, once I began laying out the framed squares on the floor, I knew that this was going to be a LARGE just had to be, I couldn't squish all those blocks together.  Keep in mind, the largest thing that I have ever really quilted was my PUZZLED quilt and that was just a few months back and only measured about 52" x 57".   This HABITAT quilt is going to be alot larger.

I should probably check and see if I have enough basting pins for this project. 

Until next time...


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