Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DQS11 Doll Quilt

I'm participating in DQS11; which is Doll Quilt Swap, Round 11 over on Flickr.  When I had heard that this round was going to be "Back To Our Roots", I knew that I had to toss my hat into the lottery.  For a few rounds now, the DQS had turned into more of an Art/Contemporary Quilting Swap and while I participated once before, I wasn't loving the result as much.  Hence my excitement for Round 11. 

You might remember me talking about the blocks that I was making, over here.  After making 2 of them I lost interest...clearly that's a sign that I wasn't inspired.  I had a few of the HST (Half Square Triangles) sitting around and started playing with them instead.  A light bulb went off.

So last night, I started cutting into my scraps; which had recently been organized in large Pickle Jars. 

Yep, we love our Pickles :-)

I started putting together color groups and what do you know,
something I was much more excited about.

After ALOT of paper piecing, here's the resulting pile.

I'm not gonna lie, there might have been some cussing as I
was pressing the itty bitty seams flat.  The Diamonds measures an itty-bitty 2" x 2".

Once the hard part was done the rest was easy.  I added a colorful border,
then more white, quilted diagonally and finished it up with a deep purple binding. 

This entire quilt measures 10 3/4" x 10 3/4"...a Doll Quilt for sure.


  1. how did u get the paper off?

  2. The key to getting it off is that you have to use a very small stitch. My normal setting is just above 2. The stitch I used for this was at 1. Your needle perfs the paper and it easily tears away.

  3. It turned out so cute! I really love the colors and your tiny seams!

  4. what a gorgeous little quilt!!!


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