Thursday, June 30, 2011

Combo Posts

I feel like I'm always writing combo posts, about several different things all at once instead of giving each topic it's own post; but whatcha gonna do {shrugs} things happen in multiples around here.

So, here is another Combo Post for all of you.

I received my pillow in the mail yesterday from Jamie (maricopafabrics) as part of the Pillow Talk Swap, it's perfect and exactly what I asked for, SCRAPPY...Isn't it a beauty?  Thanks Jamie!!!

While we are talking about swaps, I finished up my large item for the Spicing Up the Kitchen Swap, it's a table runner and will be mailed tomorrow.
Finally,  I took a few well-needed days off of work this week and my Sister and I headed to an antique mall in St. Mary's, Missouri today.  It's a little over an hour away from my home; but is ginormous and worth the drive. 
My Sister had found a few things right away.  I on the other hand while always swooning over old books, glass jars and antique furniture; wasn't gravitating towards anything in particular this trip.  About 1/2 way through, we came across a booth that had about 6 small tubs of fabric in it.  I rummaged through the 1970s polyester, sinfully-poor quality calicos, handful of velvets and corduroys to find this.
Four whole yards (one large piece) of Amy Butler Fabric from her Charm collection.  I must have flipped it over 10 times in my hand not really believing what I had found.  Now, let me be frank here.  I had never heard of this collection nor seen this fabric before; but as soon as I saw the name Amy Butler and FreeSpirit I knew that I had found something worthwhile.  Here's the kicker of it all, the price.  $3.50 for the entire thing...four freakin' yards. 
This is the end of my Combo Post for today, I hope you've enjoyed this little recap...oh, and I wrote a guest post over on Robert Kaufman's blog: The Swatch and Stitch, to celebrate what the STLMQG accomplished as part of our 1st sewing challenge.
Have a great 4th of July! and let those flags wave high.


  1. Holy cow, that's an amazing find! I think I felt pretty much the same way when I found a fat quarter pack of Red Letter Day at JoAnn's and got it for 50% off, but it still wasn't as awesome of a deal as yours.

  2. Great find! I never find these kind of deals. Great pillow from your swap partner and you have one lucky swap parter that will be reciving your table runner.

  3. WOW - congrats! Amy Butler at an antique mall - LOL!

    I combine my posts all the time - only get at the computer intermittently so I make the most of it.

  4. Man - O - Man - -
    I live in Perryville, and the St. Mary's Antique Mall is literally, like, 15 minutes from my house... dang it.... I guess I know where I'm gonna run to this afternoon!!! They have got all kinds of goodies at that place, don't they??

    I found you through the Moda Bake Shop - love your puzzle quilt!! I'm in the process of making my first tradtional quilt - to donate to our Breast Cancer Dinner/Auction in October.

    What are your favorite fabric shops in St. Louis? I can't wait for the new JoAnns to open up on South Lindbergh!! I stopped by a couple of weeks ago - hey - the parking lot had a lot of cars in it..... I guess they were training!!

    I'm definitely bookmarking AND following you. You're in my neck of the woods!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz


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