Monday, May 2, 2011

May I introduce...


I've been blogging since August of 2007 and this blog has been about what I've been doing on my house (renovation), in my studio (quilting) or even in the yard (gardening).  Yet, you never saw the person behind the screen.  Honestly I've sort of felt like I've led multiple lives, one never really intersecting with the other.

What exactly do I mean, you ask?

Let me try and explain. 

My REAL life "offline" included a family that loves and supports me, friends that keep me grounded, a job that pays the bills, a mortgage, college debt, etc.  If you would have asked me the question "What do you do?"...I would have answered with what I did at my paying-job day to day, and said nothing about the fact that I was a Quilter, Entrepreneur, Blogger, etc.  This latter part existed entirely "online" and amongst close family/friends, it was always just a Hobby, not a part of my REAL life.

Yet, last year things changed.  Maybe it's because I had turned 30...who really knows. 

What I do know is since I started the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild in July of last year, I have grown much more as a person, been given more opportunities then I could have imagined, continue to meet and be inspired by amazingly-talented people (Yes, you STLMQG members), have actually been more creative in the past 9 months then probably the last 4-5 years, etc. 

So here I am, my name's Kristy Daum and I'm glad to meet you.

I am writing this post because today someone asked me to send them a Bio and Picture, as I am giving a presentation on Modern Quilting to a local quilt guild in a few weeks, and they needed something for their newsletter.  I think that request cemented the fact that I need to think of this blog as an extention of my REAL life and vice versa.  Quilting and Blogging isn't just a hobby, it is a big part of who I am now and honestly who I want to be down the road. 

This blog will continue to be about what I'm doing and may be random at times; but that's okay with me.


  1. Thats a wonderful's nice to see the "real" person!!

  2. great photo!! How fun to be asked to speak!

  3. Two (not very green) thumbs way up here!


  4. Kristy, I'm a member of Circle in the Square where you'll be speaking and I'm so bummed I won't be able to attend. Well, only a little bummed because I'll be in Italy visiting my daughter, her husband and Lily their first child who should be arriving any minute :) I would have been nice to meet you!


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