Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giveaway Day Results & Charity Blocks

It's now time to reveal the winner of my Giveaway Day drawing; but first, I'd like to say Thank You to everyone who participated...including Mom!  I really enjoyed reading all your comments and learning what tool/notion is your favorite or one that you couldn't live without.  The most widely mentioned ones come as no surprise...a Seam Ripper and Rotary Cutter.  What would we do without either of these?

So, Mr. Random Generator has chosen # 78 to be our winner this evening.

Congratulations Debra!!! an email is on it's way to you now.

Ok, now how's this for a segway...

Since we are talking about giving (get it, GIVEaway Day), I want to show you the blocks that I made as part of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild's charitable project for our local chapter of Project Linus.  If you haven't heard of Project Linus, I encourage you to visit their headquarters here.  Since their creation in 1995, they have donated over 3 million blankets/afghans/quilts to children in need.

Our group is collecting cross/plus blocks in 2 different colorways:
                       -Pink & Orange
                       -Blue & Green

We hope to collect enough blocks so that we can make 1 of each quilt, and while our VP, Mary Clare, has only asked for 1 block; she of course won't turn down more...more blocks = more quilts :-)

You can read about our charitable project here.

While the lighting isn't so good, you get the idea.

All of our blocks are due in July and I can't wait to see how many wonderful combinations and variations our members make.

Thanks again for participating in Giveaway Day! and Congratulations once again to Debra.


  1. Love the blocks you made! Sweet!

  2. I hope to make more blocks...yours are very cute...

  3. These are great. I need to get on this...


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