Thursday, April 21, 2011

Commitment Issues Over...sort of

So as Founder & President of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild, it would look pretty bad if I didn't participate in our 1st Challenge (due in June), it's just that I was having commitment issues as to what to I didn't want to break open that wonderful charm pack.  It's been sitting on my table watching me, teasing me, wanting to come out and play.

The wonderful people at Robert Kaufman Fabrics graciously donated a Charm Pack to our guild along with countless others across the US and spurred a frenzy of Challenges.  I wrote an earlier post on this back in January (yes, that Charm Pack has been sitting on my table since January).

Well, this past weekend I ripped that little pack open and with my sister's help, we decided on 20 colors to be used in my Challenge quilt.  The rules say you have to use a minimum of 21; but I don't want to give everything away now do I...I might use 1 more or I might use them all, who knows.

Please excuse the poor light, these decisions were made at night and this is the only
before shot I got before cutting into the squares.

So here's just a sneak peek of what I decided to do, I don't really have much of a plan except that I know I'm going to make +'s and x's...the size, layout, etc will come as I get more blocks made.


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