Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fabrics In and Swap Stuff

The St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild meeting was Saturday up in St. Charles, MO.  The only downside with these meetings is that I absorb so much inspiration that it usually leads to me spending money on the way back home.

Here's the trouble I got into at Jackman's Fabrics on N. Lindbergh...


I mentioned in my previous post that I uploaded some fabrics that I was looking to swap.  Well, I immediately got a response on one of the items and made an exchange with Jaime from NY.

Here's what I got, a Charm Pack of Central Park by Kate Spain, and to my surprise she popped in some designer scraps too.


In the mail this week, I also received my {Urban} Home Goods Swap package from Lauree (locodowo).  In it was a super-cute pillow cover (and form), plus a matching bunting. 
Thanks Lauree!!!


  1. Ooh Flea Market Fancy; how nice!!

  2. ok...I didn't see those fabrics at the meeting where did you go? Love the ruler print...

    The pillow is fabulous..lucky you...

  3. Nancy, the fabrics were from Jackman's on N. Lindbergh...I just updated the post to say this, since you asked and others locally might want to know.

    MC, I totally missed the FMF I'm going to treasure this.


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