Monday, February 28, 2011

Sew Scrappy Sew Happy Bee Block

I've mentioned before that I moderate an online quilting bee called Sew Scrappy Sew Happy.  The month of March belongs to Beth, and I received her fabrics on Friday.  After reading and rereading the instructions, I figured it was best to just jump right in.

She asked all of us to make blocks based off of this Simple Insanity quilt from Chawne.  Essentially you sew strips of scraps together, then sew those strips together making a "new" fabric. 

Here's what my "new" fabric looked like.  Actually it in itself was pretty cool and could be a block all it's own.

I'm also showing you the back so you can see the crazy amount of seams.

I don't know what the below block is called; but this is what she wanted.

Some of those pieces are super-dooper tiny (like 1/4" wide).  While I had alot of fun making this block, I can't imagine doing this for an entire quilt.  Yet, that's what block swaps are for...get 11 other crazy people to make the blocks for you.


  1. This is so awesome!!! I love the block and I love the pieces you added to it!!! Yes, I wouldn't want to do this for an entire quilt either - I should have had my other quilt bee do this, too, come to think of it!! Thanks for doing such a great job and for writing a great post, too.


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