Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swaps, Swaps and more Swaps

They say the first step to recovery is to admit there is a problem, right?

My problem, I have an addiction to Flickr Swaps. 

What is the cure?  Why, more swaps of course.

Above is my inspiration mosaic for the Doll Quilt Swap (DQS10)

Above is my inspiration mosaic for the {Urban} Home Goods Swap, Round 3

These two are just the latest in a handful of other swaps that I'm participating in so far this year. 
I have even created a list in chronological order of their due dates...
and you'll also be happy to know that I have never missed a due date. 
In fact, I'm usually done at least a few days earlier.

Why are these so swaps so much fun?
  • I get to make something that I might not have attempted before. 
  • I usually end up adding a few new pieces of fabric to my stash, because you all know that if we need a 1/4 yd; we might as well just order a 1/2 yd (in case of mistakes, right?) 
  • You meet some interesting people along the way.
  • Some swap members are selected purely by lottery, so there is the fun of wondering if you'll get in.
  • There is also the anticipation of waiting to find out who your swap partner is, will it be the person who loves Cathedral Windows, Applique, Wonky Blocks, etc.
  • Then once you find out who your partner is, you "stalk" them.  You check out their blog, you take a look at their Flickr Favs, you see what comments they have left on discussion threads, etc.  All of this is done in an effort to learn more about their fabric preferences, taste in pattern and style, you can make something for them that they will truly enjoy.
It's all alot of fun and, okay, maybe a little addicting; but that's part of the rush.
If you aren't already participating in a Flickr Swap, what are you waiting for.


  1. wow... that is a lot of swaps..

    Stalking can be fun.. Remember back before Christmas when I asked about sewing machines for my daughter? I was stalking you.. I had an idea of something to make for you in the swap and needed to know what kind of machine you owned!! lol Forget to say that part in my presentation... daughter has NO interest in a new machine..including the one she has stashed in a downstairs bedroom..

  2. My thoughts, exactly :)


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