Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Modern Challenge: 2

Although I have a Solids Only Challenge that is pending for the STLMQG, it's not due until June.

The Project Modern Challenge on the other hand is due in March.  Last time, I wasted too much time trying to be inspired, that I lost track of time. 

This time, I actually have my design sketched out; but need to decide what color palette to use.  I have to love the palette; because I'm going to be using ALOT of it.

So what looks better in your opinion? Orange, Green or Pink.


  1. I like the green. Especially since all shades of green go together - look at nature. But then again that might be the easy choice!?

  2. I think they all look great, but I do prefer the pink colors.

  3. My first thought was green but orange would be fun.


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