Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics...yes, again

I received today from FabricShack some yummy fabrics.  80% of these are for swap projects that I'm working on and because I'm still growing my modern fabric stash, it was necessary (hehehehe) for me to buy something, rather then use what was in my stash.

Okay, enough now

Here's some more black and white prints to add to my stash.  I have enough now that I can get started on the Elizabeth Hartmann Snapshots quilt that I've been wanting to make.

The left (Soul Blossoms) and right (ModernAffair) piles are for swap projects, the middle one is just for me.

And finally...I choose green.
These colors in person look tons better, I promise. 
I want to thank the lovely people at FabricShack because I contacted them after I bought a 1/4 yrd of the 4 green shades above and asked if they wouldn't mind labeling them, so I knew exactly which
ones to order yardage of.  Isn't that great customer service?

The green fabrics will be used in my Project Modern: Challenge 2 Quilt...if I can start and of course finish it.

I'm putting myself on a fabric diet now.


  1. Great fabric choices! Love all the greens that would of been my choice of color too. Can't wait to see your quilt.

  2. favorite.. You must have a plan if you bought fabric? lol

    um...and there is no..IF i finish..or you owe $10... Which I thought was a brilliant addition to the rules btw..

  3. Fabric diets are hard to stay with!! Your greens are lovely.

  4. I really love your selections and the green too!

  5. Greeeeeen.. :) I never thought that I was the only one who would love the green :)

  6. Great fabrics, and I love browsing through Fabric Shack's website.


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