Friday, October 1, 2010

What's a Fabric Horder to do?

So in the scheme of things, I am no where near horder-status; but when you pull out every piece of fabric you own (not even counting my Fat Qtrs) and try to organize it by begin questioning your sanity.

I had begun collecting fabric about 15 years ago (when I was a teenager) and while pieces had come and gone...okay, they came in more then they went out; but that's not the point...I felt the need to go through it today.

By the time I was done, nearly an hour and a half later, my table was full.

I tried to organize as best I could by color and I noticed some suprising things.
  • I have a lot of purple fabric, who knew...I don't remember buying it.
  • I have only 2 pieces of true yellow prints, everything else is more gold or orange.
  • I have way too many novelty prints (Skulls, Ants, Tattoos, Baking Items, etc)
After taking a mental inventory, I proceeded to put it all away.  I have a 4-drawer vertical filing cabinet in my studio that I use to organize my fabric.  Before today, everything was just kind of folded; but thrown together haphazardly.  Now it's organized by color.

As I sit here typing this post, my shirt is covered in lovely little fabric threads.  While I go get the lint roller, please read the below.

I've decided to hold a fabric giveaway.  To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me something you learned about your fabric stash.

Here's what you can win:
A mix of pieces ranging anywhere from a yard +, to pieces as small as 10"x11",
and everything in between.

*Here's the Fine Print*
-One entry per person
-US Residents only, please
-The giveaway will end Friday 10/8/2010 at 10pm (Central Time).
-I'll announce the winner on Saturday 10/9/2010.
-Please note that your comments won't appear automatically, as precautions
are necessary due to those ugly spammers :-(


  1. What I have learned about my fabric stash is that it has changed a Lot in my transition from Costuming to plushies and art quilts. Smaller stash with a bigger selection because large amounts of a single fabric is no longer needed.

  2. what i've learned from my fabric stash is that i have a problem!! hehe and that i love turquoise :) your fabric looks feels good getting it organized!

  3. I love the random fabric assortment of the giveaway! I need to organize my fabric. My yardage is still in bags in a box, and my charm packs are in a stack on a desk.

  4. I love purple fabric. I think you have motivated me to sort my fabric. I did take a stash buster class to use up my red fat quarters and it is turning out great. I buy fabric to help my local quilt shop stay in business.

  5. It is an eye-opening experience, isn't it? I cleaned out my stash about a week ago and learned that my taste has really changed over the years. Pieces I thought I had to have seem just so so now. But I think that's part of the fun of it - seeing yourself evolve!

  6. I recently learned that my stash takes up a lot of room! I had to pack up a lot of it last week and although my sewing room is tidier, I miss being able to see so much of it without digging through boxes.

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  8. My fabric stash is also organized by color and I have a ton of greens and blues! But they always make me happy. I don't have very much black fabric. And I really like polka dots. can't get enough and I always use them!

  9. oh my that tape print is to die for! Also, you inspire me to sort my stash..right now its just sitting there in near chronological order of arrival ;).

  10. everytime i go through my fabric stash i realize how lopsided it is in terms of colours. i have tons of blues, greens, and pinks, and not nearly anything else. and i also realize how i need to buy more! it's a vicious cycle, it's bad =( thanks for the giveaway!

  11. About my was that I had more yardage than I expected. I'm addicted to FQs, and I was sure that 90% of my stash was FQs/FEs/pieces of that size of cuts, but I was genuinely surprised that almost 1/4 of my stash is yardage. That I never use. I did the same thing (pull out the stash, re-fold/reorganize everything, and put it away more neatly) on the last Friday Night Sew-In, so it's still pretty fresh in my mind.

  12. I learned a long time ago that I have too much fabric. That I should not be trying to win anymore fabrics. But you have a couple in the picture that I love but missed out on when they were available.

    I also learned that I should read giveaway directions better. (so delete my first response to you since there is only 1 entry per fabric horder)


  13. I've learned that my tastes have seriously changed in the years I've collected. And that i used to buy way to much fabric. I mean yards of fabric. I don't know what I was thinking! But I'm leaving to buy smaller amounts. smaller amounts = more fabric I can buy. :)

  14. Kristy, you should cut some! I spent yesterday folding my stash (from bins under the work table to a visible shelf on the back of the table), sketching ideas, and flipping though

    Now I just want to cut and hand sew some stuff: anything!

    MY stash: you can tell what I like because it goes in and out FAST. Whatever's left behind: I probably don't like as much as I thought I would in the store. I like to challenge myself sometimes: but mostly I craft for the love and a biased-stash is okay with me!


  15. What have I learned? That no matter what I need, I don't always have it or it is hidden and I find a new (Old) treasure that is just as good if not better.

  16. i have learned that i think i have a ton... until i go to start a new project ;)
    then it seems i always need at least one more!
    you are nice to share =)

  17. Ive noticed that I have really been buying a lot of stripes and plaids lately...more than I thought. and i also noticed i dont have nearly the amount of vintage fabrics I thought I had. love vintages! thanks for a fun giveaway, i like your storage system

  18. I have learned that I will never feel like I have enough fabric -- there will always be something to buy and love and hoard. I also have learned that i don't buy enough basic prints or ugly prints (you know, the prints that don't look great alone but in a quilt can really add some depth and interest).

    p.s. love those rulers. I missed out on those the first time around

  19. I need to stop buying polkadots! Sheesh!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  20. My stash of fabric is organized by color and unfortunately for now is how it will stay. One day you will inherit my stash and will have a lot more solid fabric to add to your collection. As I told you this week-end everything comes back in vogue and my stash, beginning in the 70's will come back and you will be begging me for some of it. We'll see! Good luck with picking out your winner and don't include me. Glad you inherited the sewing bug from me. Mom

  21. What I have learned from my stash is that I always believe that I don't have the "right" piece that I am looking for. It leads me to wonder if my stash is too small.

  22. I have learned that I love Fabric and I can not bare to depart with ANY of it. I save everything. Maybe this will end after I have been doing this awhile?

  23. these are so pretty o_o my fabric stash has too many sheets i got from value village, i want more quilty prints XD
    songyueyu at gmail

  24. I've tried to be more realistic about fabric purchases to make for gifts... often I don't get it done and spend the money on fabric and a gift. Now I am focusing on using my stash and not feeling obligated to make things for others unless I have things on hand. Selfish aren't I? wanting to keep all the finished things for myself?!

  25. I recently moved my sewing room to the nursery and visa versa. I organized the fabric according to fabric (I'm a newbie quilter so my stash is minimal), and found the largest pile was blue print. But when I go to the fabric store, I think geesh I need blue prints!
    It's weird! (Ha! I need a blueprint...literally)
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  26. I learned that I am terribly imbalanced when it comes to buying fabric - I have boatloads of blue and very little in the ways of reds and oranges and purples! I knew I loved blue, but wow! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  27. Eeek! There are some fabrics in your giveaway photo that have me swooning! (the multi-colored rulers and newsprint fabric, to be specific).

    What a wonderful looking stash. After recently rearranging mine I learned that I need to spend more time sewing!

    Thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

  28. Fun fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway! I've become a bit of a stasher too. I need to stop.

  29. Fabric stash lesson? There's more there than I realize so I should not wait and cut in!(& I like polka dots)

  30. Always loved the song about the one-eyed purple people eater! What I've learned about my fabric stash - I don't really have one. My mother has saved true leftover scraps for years. I "borrow" scraps with her permission - she keeps her good uncut yardage safe in her closet. LOL. I collect fabrics (mainly FQ) for specific quilts as get the $ and find things I like (and win some). Then I make the quilts. The bitty bits go into little things for the grandnieces or church lap quilts. I've organized my mother's scraps into bins by color. Since the scraps are in odd sizes, folding neatly isn't an option. Your fabric looks beautiful all neat and organized.

  31. My stash has a huge section of vintage fabric and over 20 different pinks (mostly fat quarters)which really surprised me as I don't really think of myself as a pink person. I also don't have more than 6 fat quarters of neutrals--guess I'm more of a brights and colors gal!


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