Saturday, October 2, 2010

Out of my comfort zone

So I call myself a Modern Quilter; but honestly aside from a handful of blocks which I've made over the last few months as part of various Sewing Bees...I really hadn't sewn much of anything over the last few years.  Period.

For this reason, there's a little selfish part of me that started the St. Louis chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild because I figured that if I was responsible for this group, I would HAVE TO find time to sew.  And you know what, it's working.

I also wanted to make sure that I was stepping out of my comfort zone because honestly, I didn't see any reasons to stop so far.  One of the next things on my To-Do list was to make a quilt out of solid fabrics.

I know you are shaking in your boots right now, aren't you :-)

Now, if you know me, you know that I do not own a single piece of solid fabric.  I'm not kidding, I don't have a single piece anywhere in the house.  I always felt that with patterned/printed fabrics any mistakes I made would easily be concealed by the print...but solids were unforgiving. If I was to do something bold, using a solid would be step one.

I picked up some Kona colors in a variety of blue shades, and added some yellow for pop.  Now, you can say "Shame on you" later; but I just couldn't help myself as I had to include two prints; but they are subtle.

Next on my agenda was cutting.  I cut about 18 inches worth of the fabric and then randomly cut wedges and strips, paying no attention to parallel sides or measurements.  It was kind of relaxing...go figure.

I then separated each strip and tossed them into a bucket, I mixed everything up and then grabbed a handful of pieces...that's what I was allowing myself to use for a block.

About an hour later, I had 3 blocks sewn into haphazard squares.

I'm lots of blocks away from finished; but my experiment is working.  I took a leap of faith and am beyond thrilled with the results so far.  I'll keep you apprised of the progress; but if you see me at the fabric store buying solid fabrics, you don't have to say anything...a simple "thumbs up" works :-)


  1. This is looking awesome and no I am not sucking up to you! :o)

    I am cheering you on to keep moving forward with it. If you feel yourself getting boxed in or that it is taking too long. Just remember it does not have to be a huge quilt. Set your goal for a baby size quilt and if it ends up bigger than that then so be it.

    My biggest set back was I thought I had to always make bed size quilts. (useful quilts) Then I found I could not quilt them myself. So now I have a ton of bed size quilt tops that need quilting. I had to tell myself that it is ok if the quilt is only going to be baby size.

    It can be a wall quilt or I can pass it on to someone who just had a baby or just donate it to a local hospital or quilts for kids charity.

    It is OK also to hang on to those smaller quilts for yourself even if it is until you tire of it a year or two or three later :o)

    Baby size quilts are easy to machine quilt also even if you just straight line quilt it with a walking foot!

  2. It really is fun to go out of your comfort zone! Sometimes it can be a disaster, but most times you end up with something better than you could have imagined. Like your blocks! They're wonderful!


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