Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fabric Horder Giveaway

I held a giveaway, my first on this blog actually, which ended Friday evening.  It was a big success, as 30 people participated (the comments say 31; but there was a duplicate entry which was removed and not counted).

Here's a quick reminder of the prize, isn't it pretty.

I'm happy to say that a winner was chosen randomly thanks to

As you can see the winner of the giveaway is comment # 6 which was written by none other then Amy !
Here's what she had to say about her fabric stash.

"I recently learned that my stash takes up a lot of room! I had to pack up a lot of it last week and although my sewing room is tidier, I miss being able to see so much of it without digging through boxes."
10/1/10 10:16 PM

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog.  I enjoyed reading your comments.

And as for Amy...I will be in touch with you soon.

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  1. Thank you! What a wonderful surprise.


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