Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Destruction of Property...Continued

If you read my last post you'll remember that there was a piece of political literature literally stuck to the outside of my mailbox. 

Just a little while ago, I got a phonecall from the Campaign Manager apologizing for the damage that was done and asking if he could come and take a look, as he only lived a few blocks away.

I met him at the mailbox and showed him the problem.  He apologized profusely and then said that, that particular piece of mail went out like 3 weeks ago..."but that is besides the point"...as he put it.  He did say that a few other people in the area had complained about literature and the way it was distrubuted, although no one had the same particular problem as mine.

He gave me his business card, and said that he'll come by sometime this week with a bucket of hot soapy water to see if it comes off.  He said that if it doesn't come off with that, then alternate plans will have to be made and he'll be in touch. 

At least I got some sort of apology and an attempt at fixing the problem.

So the saga continues..................................................
Two days later, the Campaign Manager came out and cleaned up the mess with some water and a little elbow grease.  Good as new, Thank Goodness!!


  1. Well good! - Hopefully it will come off your box without doing any damage.

    What is weird is it looks like someone glued it or used double sided tape to stick it to your box. It looks like it is a double sided flyer that was not intended to be stuck or glued to anything.

    Maybe his political opponent's people did this so they would piss off any of this guys (pictured on the flyer) potential voters.

  2. yea for him!! He would get my vote just for that!


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