Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy, Busy Blocks

While I have the time, I might as well put the finishing touches on some of the quilting bee blocks for this month.

First up is the October block for the Sew Scrappy Sew Happy bee.  This is an asterisk block made using the tutorial found here.  It went together pretty easy and as you can see the colors are so bright an vibrant.

Next up is the first block for the Simply Strings Bee.  This bee kind of got off to a rough start; but we muddled through it and started fresh.  While I have seen "spiderweb" blocks before, this is the first time
I had really seen one made in all solids.  I can't wait to see what they all look like together.

The tutorial for this block can be found here.

This is all of October's sewing bee blocks; but I have a big project to finish up for the All About Christmas Swap.  I'm nearing the finish line and while I enjoyed making the item (to be shown later), it certainly was a struggle. 

In all honesty, I probably should have been working on that big project; but I need to pick something up at the store tomorrow before I can work on it anymore.  I figured it would make me feel better if I was actually able to finish something, hence why I completed the blocks instead.

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