Sunday, July 25, 2010

How is your garden growing?

Just a quick post to show you how the garden is doing. Isn't it lovely and green?

What is growing:
-8 varieties of tomatoes
-Strawberry plants (the fruits are done; but the plants are flourishing)
-3 varieties of carrots
- French Melon..can't remember the name
What I find quite interesting is that I can start tomato seeds from scratch, grow corn and melons; but for the life of me I can't grow radishes. Kindergarteners can do it with a seed and paper cup; but I grown 50 plants and get 2 radishes...what gives?


  1. Hehe, this is my first venture into gardening this year. Growing two varieties of tomoato, rosemary, cucumber, eggplant, melons, & watermelons. The tomato plans are extremely vigorous and are starting to crowd my other veggies. They're all doing well though, everything is fruiting except my eggplant. The carrots flat out died. It's exciting eating something you grew with your own two hands though.. cheers! :)

  2. Radishes like cooler weather. It is best to plant them in the spring and late summer/fall.

    One variety that is tasty and easy to grow is the French Breakfast variety.

    You need rich loose soil but the soil cannot be too light in weight. (no fluffy soil or heavy soil)

    You can also water them too much and kill the plants when they are young. Once they sprout basically you can leave them alone and only water them once a week if there has been no rain.

    Try planting a new crop of them (French Breakfast) in mid to late September this year. Plant a new row of them every week up until about mid October.

    BTW - I love radishes :-)


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