Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clutter, Clutter, Go Away

So I was reading a fellow houseblogger's post about maintaining an uncluttered life. The blogger was "Making This Home" and you can read her post here.

I've listed her 5 points below and it's funny because I actually used a few of these "tried and true" recommendations last week.
  1. Do I love it and need it?
  2. Where will I keep it?
  3. How often do I have to clean it?
  4. Where will I keep it when I'm not using it?
  5. Ask yourself if the stuff represents you, not family who doesn't live with you or what society deems a perfect addition?

You see I found a great quilt on sale last week. I immediately decided I needed it and then 30 sec. later had hesistations. I carried it throughout the rest of the store, because of course I couldn't let someone else buy it since it was the last one. Eventually, I paid for it and took it home.

I laid it on my bed to get the full effect and was immediately drawn to two bright panels of orange and green amongst the muted and soft yellow, taupe and blue. I walked out of the room and came back a few more times throughout the evening and each time, my eyes went directly to the orange and green. I packed it back up and wanted to "sleep on it" as the saying goes. The next day, I flipped through my Inspiration Binder to see if I had pulled out a magazine swipe or something which would get me back in the mindset of why I picked up the quilt in the first place.

I found a few things; but wasn't in that weekend I returned the quilt.

What lesson did I learn here: That I should go with my gut and if something doesn't feel right (my hesistation in the store) then I should probably steer clear.

On a similiar topic, I think I'm going to go through some of the other clutter in my house. For example, I have a couple of boxes in the basement that I haven't opened since moving into my house 2+ years ago. Obviously, I'm not missing anything in them.

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  1. Very cool read! I'm so glad those thoughts could help you. And way to stick to your feelings on this one.



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