Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taste Change

I imagine many of us have some sort of pile, folder or binder which holds the ideas, magazine tear sheets and paint chips we collect for inspiration.

I remember starting mine about 10 years ago as my pile of old magazines was taking over my bedroom. I used a 4" black binder and filled it with plastic sheet protectors. I didn't have a particular style, I just ripped out whatever caught my eye.

That binder has been edited several times over the past 10 years and in some ways it amazes me how much my taste have changed even over such a short period of time. There are still some images I cannot part with, and those that know me well...will tell you they are classically Me.

This past weekend I spent about an hour going through the binder yet again.

The above image was taken during the sorting process. I had piles for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Outdoor Living, and a pile that was just "Cool Things".

After all was said and done, pages neatly put inside the plastic sheet protectors and labeled with Post-It Notes...I ended up with this.

Turns out I had a lot of stuff that just wasn't me anymore.

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