Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let the Growing Season Start

I’ve had the Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seed catalog for over a month now and finally was able to make a list, although throughout the ordering process I was still wishy-washy because I felt like I was missing something. You can blame that on the beautiful photos in the catalog.

Needless to say the total was $64…and here is what we bought. Keep in mind this is totaling my Dad’s order and mine.

-Banana Melon
-Contender Bush Bean
-True Gold Sweet Corn
-Chantenay Red Core Carrot
-Snow White Carrot
-Sikkim Cucumber
-Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber
-Fin De Meaux Cucumber
-Blue Podded Garden Pea
-Charentais Melon
-Purple Plum Radish
-Jarrahdale Squash
-Fox Cherry Tomato
-Delicous Tomato
-Reisetomate Tomato
-Dr. Wyche’s Yellow Tomato
-Sungold Select II Tomato
-Violet Jasper Tomato
-Golden King of Siberia Tomato
-Jet Black Hollyhock
-Mongolian Giant (Sunflower)
-Titan (Sunflower)
-Envy Zinnia
-Canary Bird Zinnia
-Meteor Zinnia

I already have my basement seed-starting station setup and ready to go, now I just have to start the countdown...oh and expand my garden, because there is no way I can grow everything I want in 3 raised boxes.


  1. Oh, thats a very ambitious list. I made plans for starting my raised bed garden but have since gotten side tracked by a koi pond. Your garden is really inspiring!

  2. I sure hope some of those little Lemon cucumbers are in the mix. YUM!


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