Saturday, October 10, 2009

KnockDown Texture

I'll just start by saying that this post was written for as part of a sweepstakes sponsored by True Value, and their StartRightStartHere contest.

For readers of my blog you may remember when I was talking about my Studio and the unconvential way I fixed one of the nagging problems, I discovered when tearing out these hideous closets.

You see, this was my Studio on Move-In Day. The photo below shows one of the two closets that bordered the center window. I knew the closets needed to come down...or rather, finish coming down, as the doors were just a screw away from falling off anyway. My brother took to this task with his favorite job of demo...and about a half hour later, the closets were no more.

That is when we discovered that the "knockdown" ceiling texture had been applied AFTER the closets were built, leaving an enormous expanse of raw drywall. The photo below, taken a few months later, clearly shows the difference in surfaces. My previous home was filled with different textures and I was always able to somewhat replicate small areas; but this was too big to try and do by myself.

Almost two years had passed when I came across some reclaimed wood at my local ReStore. I bought and cut the pieces in half, securing them to the wall. While figuring out the angles was a challenge, I succeeded in finding a solution. Now, the studio has a unique feature; which gives it a doll-house charm.

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  1. Nice fix! It looks so much cuter without those closets.


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