Monday, August 3, 2009

Retaining Wall = New Patio

Now that I had a garden started and a tiny part of my 1/2 acre figured out, I couldn't let the nice weather go to waste. Directly adjacent to the garden was an awful slope, which led to the back yard. I knew eventually I wanted to create steps; but in the meantime, I needed to figure out the slope since it was in the way of my plans. So as the saying goes, I killed two birds with one stone.

About $100 later, we had built a small retaining wall, backfilled it with dirt and put the start to the patio. As fate would have it, the first brick pattern I tried was a perfect fit.

Yet, mother nature got in the way. This past weekend, we had hoped to start laying some of the brick; but after 2 rows the rain poured down and we were left with a muddy mess.
At least I have a plan.


  1. Um yeah. You may want to cover it in plastic if you ever hope to work in anything that is NOT a mudpit. :-)

    Been there and done that. Not fun!

  2. what a beautiful little garden. Makes me jealous! I have hopes of having something very similar to this in my back yard as well. Cant wait to see the end product!


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