Monday, August 3, 2009

It all started innocent enough

I certainly wasn't looking for trouble, well okay...maybe I was bored. So, as my post title suggest, it all started innocent enough. In my bedroom, the walls are covered with a nasty texture. While textured walls is a pet peeve of mine, at least have the courtesy to make it look nice. This room looked like a 3 year old was given free-reign. Needless to say whenever the time comes, the texture is certainly going to go.

Well, I was curious this past week so I grabbed a flat-head screwdriver (as the scraper was outside in the garage) and began chipping away in one corner of the room. To my surprise, the texture looked like it was put directly to the fiber board underneath. Then the itch got the best of me and I went outside to get the scrapper. The first area I was curious about was this abnormal bump near the east window. I grabbed a damp sponge, soaked the wall and got to work with the scrapper.

10 minutes later and I have this. Several layers of wallpaper which were "oh so nicely" covered over by the textured plaster.

Then it happened, I stood up and figured I would take a look to see what was at eye level, so once again with scrapper in hand...this happened.

By now you are probably wondering what I was going to do next, well I had planned on stopping for the evening when I came across this. It is a little fuzzy; but the wallpaper shows a woman and man in mid-nineteenth century clothing. Of course when you find something like this, you owe it to history to seek out the truth.
Yet, it was about 11 in the evening and I was tired. So, I cleaned up what mess I could and went to bed. When I got home the following evening though that stupid scraper was calling my name.
About a half hour later, I had exposed a 5ft wide by 4ft tall area of the same wall. Whoopsie!!

Yet, what I did find along the way was more of the wallpaper print, albeit it missing some key elements. This time it was a similiar scene with a man and woman; but I could also make out a tree, boat and part of a house in the background.

The best surprise came when I reached the corner of the room. The same wallpaper print was exposed; but this time was in glorious color. Take a look and see what I mean.

The blue dress, red fan and headpiece, goodness, if those were the colors throughout the entire wall, that certainly was a colorful room.
I know that this wallpaper is not the first layer, it's actually like the 3rd; but even if it is from the 30s or 40s, that's still quite old.
I'd love to find an image of the actual wallpaper somewhere on the internet; but I know that's like finding a needle in a haystack. So, to all you home remodelers out there, if you come across something that looks like this on your walls or in your research, could you take a picture for me.

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  1. How cool! i'm jealous. Wish I'd unearthed something so fun. All I got was wallpaper paste and eventually, pink paint!


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