Monday, February 16, 2009

Unconventional Vegetable Garden

Last year was my "real" first try at growing vegetables and it was a success...although I only grew tomatoes. Since then, I've been wanting to have a full-fledged vegetable garden, not only do fresh veggies taste great; but the $$ I will save is wonderful too.

The only problem is that my yard is not exactly garden ready, and I'd hate to just smack down a bed anywhere, so I'm going with container gardening for the interim. My Dad and I have been looking for some useable containers and found these great, large animal troughs at a local farm store. The only problem is that they were $75 a pop.

That is until Saturday, when we took a random trip to our local Lowe's and came across these beauties.

Yep, that is a plastic pond, it is 100 gal. and they were clearing them out for the low-low price of $15. No Joke !!!
Although it's unconventional, we think they'll make great containers and since they have an non-linear shape to them, they might look better in the landscape.
Don't you love DIY-thinking.


  1. Great idea! I'd like to have a vegetable garden, but I have a black thumb and always forget about that pesky watering.

  2. 15 dollars! We have that same one! We paid way more and we always have to get new fish each spring because they never make it through the winter. Good luck with your gardening!


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