Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Start Your Engines...

The weather in St. Louis today was in the 60s, certainly something we haven't seen in a while; but yearn to have on a regular basis. Especially when one gets home and finds this large box sitting on their front porch.

I'm going to try and take a crack at a bigger garden this year, so of course I need supplies. I found IGC online and not only was their selection outstanding; but the prices are sure hard to beat.

Here is what I got...

20 square KORD square pots (4"square by 3.5" deep)
10 KORD regal pots (4" round by 3.5" deep)
Plus, these 40 inserts for seedstarting.

This of course means you have to have seeds to start. Well, who would have thought; but today was extra special because there was another package in the mail. This one from Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Here is the pile...20 different items.

The contents are as follows:
---Chinese Red Noodle Bean
---Black Aztec Sweet Corn
---Yok Kao Cucumber
---Yamato X-Long Cucumber
---Tigger Asian Melon
---Green Zebra Tomatoes
---Pink Oxhart Tomatoes
---Striped Roman Tomato
---Cream Sausage Tomato (weird name, I know for a tomato)
---Yellow Pear Tomato
---Moon & Stars Watermelon
---Old Homestead Bean
---Half Long Carrot
---Early White Vienna Kohlrabi
---German Giant Radish
---White Icicle Radish
---Dad's Sunset Orange Tomato
---Siletz Tomato
---White Queen Tomato
---Golden Monarch Tomato

My Dad and I of course are new at this, so there will probably be some disasters; but some surprises along the way I would imagine too. This garden of course gives me great fodder for blogposts, so return throughout the season for photos and reviews.

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  1. Wow! That was quite a delivery. Good luck with your mega-garden. I could never do it. I have the black thumb of death. :-)


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