Thursday, December 11, 2008

Antique Malls & Victorian Corbels

Does anyone else get angry when they are shopping their local antique mall and find vendors offering brand new items or toys that can be found in your local big-box store. It never used to be like that; but recently I've discovered a handful of places that allow such vendors. I'm sorry, if I wanted something that was from 2008, I'd have gone to Target or Walmart.

Now, don't get me wrong. I realize that the antique malls have been hit as well by the economic downturn; but in some cases I've seen more people visit them then usual. Yet, enough on that rant.

This post is also about a fabulous score that I made this past weekend. Everytime I visit an antique mall, I get so excited when I see salvaged pieces of gingerbread. It makes me smile to know that somebody out there cared enough to save it; but on the flipside it makes me sad because of the outrageous prices they want for said pieces. I've seen vendors ask $75 to $150 for tiny pieces of gingerbread.

Which brings me to this weekend. Scouring the stalls, I came across a pair of the below Victorian Corbels (about 18" tall). They were in imaculate condition, already stripped and ready for hanging.

I picked them up to admire the craftmanship, knowing full well that these would be on the high side of $150 a piece if not more. Yet, when I turned the pricetag over, my jaw dropped to the floor. The vendor only wanted $22 for the pair. $22...make no mistake about it. I picked them up and practically ran to the counter (I don't run; but you get the idea).
As a friend of mine said, it kind of makes up for all of the hours spent hunting only to turn up nothing in the end. Keep a lookout for what I do with these babies once warmer weather hits.