Sunday, August 24, 2008

No More Moo-Cows and Garage Stuff

I hope everyone had a productive weekend, I know I did. So, you are probably wondering what "No More Moo-Cows" in my title means-right?

Well, as some of you may remember, my Master Bedroom had an oh-so-lovely farm border along the top of the wall. It's hard to see in the below photo of the room; but believe me, it's hideous. Well, my Dad was helping me hang some curtains and I innocently asked him to rip off some of the cow border...he tugged and a 3 foot section came off. Of course, one can't stop there, so he spent the next 10 minutes dragging the ladder around the room, pulling off the rest of the border.

So, adios Moo-Cows, your day has come!!

On another note, we've been working hard on the garage interior. I honestly believe more time, effort and money has been spent on the garage then the house; but it will make working on the house so much easier in years to come. Here is one corner.

and here is the opposite wall. We nearly finished this weekend, casing out the two windows and doorframe. I have to do some touchup and then paint and it will be done.


  1. The house I lived in in high school had a room that was ALL cow. Three walls were painted with cow spots (BLACK, so impossible to paint over), there was cow wallpaper on the last wall, and there was a cow BORDER around the ceiling!

    We laughed so hard!

  2. Oh - I'm very impressed with your garage organization!!!

  3. That rocks! Your garage is more organized than my HOUSE right now. :-)

  4. Oh, don't be garage is more organized then my house is too.

  5. You know...pulling down wallpaper IS therapeutic!!!

    We pulled down over 50% of the wallpaper in our house will drinking our way through a couple bottles of wine! Made for a great evenings entertainment.


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