Thursday, July 31, 2008

Surprise !!

August 17th will be the anniverary of my first year of owning this house. Now, throughout the year, we've certainly come across some strange things and of course had several questions but rarely if ever answers. Today, dear readers, is a great day because I now have an answer for something.

It all started back in late March. During one of my strolls through the yard with camera in hand, I came across this foliage near one of my trees. I snapped a photo, titled it "Resident Foliage" and saved it on my computer. I kept an eye on the little green leaves and was kind of disappointed when no flowers ever popped up.

The leaves eventually died, I cut over their remains with the lawnmower and pretty much forgot about them. This is where the strange part comes in, two days ago, I noticed some strange tall stems growing out of the ground. My yard is prone to weeds, so I figured this was just one of them. Today, I happened to take a look and this is what I saw.

How in the world do flowers pop up nearly overnight. I was still kind of skeptical; but snapped some photos anyway.

Through the lovely world that is Google, I discovered that these are not some strange alien-lifeform; but a flower called Lycoris Squamigera; better known as "Resurrection Lily", "Rain Lily" or funny enough "Naked Lady".

Now what does the very first photo of the resident foliage have to do with this, you may ask. Well, absolutely everything. You see, I've come to learn that this particular flower sends up simple foliage in the spring, it dies back and completely disappears. Then sometime in mid-summer, the plant resurrects itself and comes back with flowers that eerily have no leaves.
Hence the name Resurrection Lily.

On a side note, I planted or I should say (more like threw) some sunflower seeds in dirt by my garage and now look. The stalk...can I call it a stalk? now 5 feet tall. It's one of the Mammoth kinds, so I'm kind of excited to see just how tall it grows. I'll keep you apprised of the progress.


  1. I love lilies! My mom's house has Tiger Lilies-- and they are so pretty.

    Also, an early congrats on your first year-- you've come a long way.

  2. Happy anniversary -- almost!

    What lovely flowers. And good luck with your sunflowers. My neighbor has one that is GINORMOUS. I need to take a pic of it. It's like Jack's beanstalk, I swear!

  3. I have those all along my back-yard fence. My mom calls 'em Surprise Lilies. I like them because they thrive without any attention from me. Kinda like the weeds all over the yard.


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